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Save a fortune on fuel, road tax, congestion charging and parking. With the rising prices of petrol why not save big money?. One tank of petrol for a Scooter can get you much further than any car. A years road tax, even for higher powered scooters of up to 400cc, is only £32. You’ll avoid most congestion charging and you’ll slash the cost of parking. Scooters are arguably safer than motor bikes and generally a lot quieter too. Possibly the biggest benefit of all is that you’ll cut right through heavy traffic and reduce many journey times by half.

You’ll also be doing your bit for the planet too. OK, use the car in bad weather, with passengers or luggage but use your scooter whenever you can. You’ll be saving money, saving time and reducing your carbon footprint considerably.

At Scooters For Sale UK we have a huge choice of scooters from Honda, Yamaha, Aprilia, Lambretta, Vespa many, many more.

We harness the huge power of eBay to save you endlessly searching for new and used scooters. Scooters For Sale UK is the really fast way to find the scooter that’s just right for you.

The right Scooter for you will depend on what you’re planning to do with it, and what kind of licence you have or are going to get. If you need a it for a short urban commute of five miles or less a 50cc model will cost less than a railway season ticket to buy and insure and give you 100mpg or better and minimal annual servicing bills. Top speed is restricted to 30mph so it’s no good out of town. There are many cheap 50cc scooters available on ebay. You may prefer the extra power of a 125cc as a 50cc machine often can’t keep up with traffic.

A 125cc scooter has a top speed of about 60mph and is sufficient for commuting 10-15 miles or more. Scooters with 125cc engines feel more stable and substantial than 50cc models and keep up with urban traffic easily, while fuel economy is not much worse than a 50cc. Because of this, and their increased versatility, we’d recommend going for a 125 anyway, even if you’ll mostly be commuting a shorter distance.

For anything larger than a 125 you’ll need a full motorcycle licence. With that you can get a model capable of commuting as far as you like on all sorts of roads. A 250 can still struggle on motorways because hills and headwinds will knock 10mph or more off its 75mph top speed, as can carrying a passenger. There are many 400cc-plus scooters – right up to the 120mph, 800cc Gilera GP800 – and these will commute as well as any motorcycle, as well as being suitable for a weekend away, and even give you the option of a Continental holiday in the summer.

For licensing you will need Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) before you’re allowed on the roads. A full car licence can act as a provisional licence for 125cc or smaller scooters and a full licence for 50cc models. For anything bigger than 125cc you’ll need a full motorcycle licence. All scooters are automatic, and if you pass your test on one your licence will be limited to automatic machines only.

Getting into the Scooter Craze

If you want to have loads of savings on fuel, yearly road taxes, and parking charges, then try owning a scooter. It is a fact that there is a great difference in the cost between a tank of petrol for a scooter and a car. You can just imagine all the money you can save from it and spend it on other important things. You can cut the amount of time you travel by half simply because you can get through traffic jams as easily as you can. Most importantly, you can reduce your carbon footprint considerably as well.

However, this does not mean that you will never use a car again. This simply means that being a wise consumer, using a scooter whenever you can, will save you a lot of money on petrol. So, if you want to have a scooter, then is the website for you!

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